Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) on Friday announced the agricultural Producer Price Index for January. 
Agriculture-PPI (2015=100) on the previous month increased by 3.02%, on December of the previous year increased  by 3.02%, on same month of the previous year increased by 10.41% and on the twelve months moving averages basis increased by 21.48% in January 2020.
Compared to the previous month in sectors; product of agriculture, hunting and relating services increased by 2.94%, forestry products and related services increased by 3.37% and fishing products and other fishing products increased by 5.54%. Regarding monthly changes by main groups; perennial crops decreased by 1.60%, live animals, animal products increased by 2.55% and non-perennial crops increased by 5.82%.
In January 2020, poultry, live and eggs was the other subgroup where high annual decreases realized with 10.27% on the same month of the previous year. On the other hand, other tree and bush fruits and nuts with 43.58% and citrus fruits with 39.39% were the subgroups where high annual increases realized on the same month of the previous year.